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I'm Matilda the Baking Kangaroo - Welcome to The Aussie Pie Shop

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National delivery

Hi All,  We hope you have had as good a 2022 as we have. 


We are taking a bit of time off over Christmas and New Year, so the shop is closed until we see you all in 2023.

There's some very exciting news coming so register on Instagram to get all of our updates.

We can courier to you next day anywhere in the UK

(excluding perishables like fried foods or salads).


Righteo, here's our tasty tucker!

National Delivery



  Sausage Rolls

  Biscuits including Tim Tams

  Chocolates including Cherry Ripes and Violet Crumble Bars

  Drinks including Solo and 



Local Delivery & Collection


Everything on national delivery; plus




Pie and Sausage Roll meals   

Chicken Schnitzel


Potato Scallops/Fritters/Cakes    

Finally!!  Some piccies!!


What's so Great About Aussie Pies?

AUSTRALIA !!!  We love ya!!  Great beaches, incredible wild animals, bugs that can kill ya just by looking at ya, Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Australian Bite, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Kylie Minogue, Don Bradman, killer sharks, lifesavers, amazing aboriginal art, rock paintings, cold beer, oh..... yeah! lots of cold beer.

And then there's pies, lots and lots of farkin' pies. 

There is no other country where pies are a national institution, where pies get eaten in such quantities, where the humble pie eaten the wrong way can win ya or lose ya a general election and where the variety of pies is as wide as John Lennon's imagination.....which is really really wide!

But here's the thing about Aussie pies.  There's nothing fancy about them.  It's not a competition to make them look like a sushi chef's picture book or a Picasso painting.  Just qood quality fresh ingredients in a shortcrust pastry base, with a puff pastry lid. 


And when you put that all together you get a hand held pie that can be eaten anywhere - be it the beach, the footy or the opera house.  Yep, not just the Sydney Opera House but the Royal Opera House **.


So, as we say in Australia, get your laughing gear around our pies and let's put a massive smile back on your face.

** -  The Aussie Pie Shops accepts no liability for seat ejections caused by eating Aussie pies in the Royal Opera House.


Rippa!!  Aussie Treats as well!!

nougat roll.jpg
tim tam original.jpg
Caramello Koala.jpg
Ripe Rasp.jpg
violet crumble.jpg
cherry ripe.jpg
timtam double coat.jp2

About The Aussie Pie Shop

For those who don't know, the indigenous Aborigines have lived in Australia for at least 65,000 years.


The Anglo Saxon habitation of Australia began in 1788, when eleven ships set sail from Plymouth in Southern England.  On board were the British, who knew all about making pies.   


The so called First Fleet included over 1,000 criminal convicts.  Yep, Australia was basically colonised by the Brits who had so many criminals, they had run out of space in their jails.  The convicts, who had been convicted of theft, perjury, fraud, assault, and robbery, were sentenced to penal transportation in Australia for 7 years, 14 years, or the term of their natural life.  Most of them used it as an opportunity to build a new life and settled in a much sunnier climate than the old blighty (and many still do, although being a criminal is optional these days).

There began the story of Aussie pies because, as we all know, you need flour and meat for meat pies and well, Australia had plenty of space for loads of that. 

It is recorded that pies were eaten at the first official function in 1788 in Sydney, to celebrate the Queen's birthday.  And as farming began in the great southern land, pies were soon the favourite food of the whole population.  So much so that when Australia came together as a Federation in 1901, over 10,000 pies were prepared for the festivities.  Crikey! that's a lot of pies.

The pie is perfect for the way Aussies live their lives, with lots of travelling in the great outdoors.  Because, well, it's a bloody big country.  The pie was built for travelling and it can be eaten anywhere; at home or outdoors, playing or watching footy, at the beach or simply walking to, or from, work.  The Australian love affair with pies continues to this day, they are a national institution and an icon for almost all Aussies.

London has the largest community of Aussies outside of Australia and The Aussie Pie Shop was born out of the COVID crisis in 2020-2021, when so many Aussies, including those living in London, couldn't get home to their friends, family and beloved pies.  Well bugger that, we thought.  If we can't return home to our pie shops, then there's only one thing for it, The Aussie Pie Shop has to come to London. 


And given this all started with a bunch of British criminals, it's pretty appropriate we reckon that the Aussie meat pie is returning to where it all began, over 200 years ago.  In fact, some might say, it's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming, Aussie pies are coming home!  Hmmm, that's pretty snappy, might write a song about that....

After its launch in 2021, it didn't take long for The Aussie Pie Shop to get a reputation for great pies amongst the Aussie community, soon joined by the many Brits who had experienced them on their visits to Australia, followed by other Londoners and tourists, who took the plunge and got the taste for Aussie pies.

The business has grown significantly since its start in an Acton home kitchen and is now situated in a commercial kitchen in Park Royal, where we bake our pies and other products and then sell them via local home delivery, national delivery via courier and at the Portobello Food Market on Saturday and Sundays. Orders can also be collected from the Park Royal kitchen at any convenient time.

We also provide catering services and have a host of clients, many of which are part of the Australian business community.  But we also serve other UK businesses including film and TV production companies and other events businesses.

Aussies are not that into mission statements but if we have to have one, here it is!


Tasty tucker for everyone, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg.

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