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At The Aussie Pie Shop we are all about product development, making our food as tasty as possible but also enjoyable to eat.  We could say this is part of a master plan but actually we get a bit bored making the world's best pies and bakes all day, so we need to regularly have some other outlet for our bubbling imaginations.  

So, we jump in the kitchen, put the cookbooks away for a day, stare up at the ceiling for quite a long time, cup of cha in hand, meditating over the big questions in life - why do we always buy Coke instead of Pepsi, what the hell does umami mean, when will the Mighty Roosters win their next Australian Rugby League premiership, what is a drug, does god eat at KFC, is the video to Bowie's Blackstar the greatest music video of all time - that kind of dreamy thing.

Then we get to work, looking at ways to create better pies and bakes that y'all would like to eat.  So here goes:  

saussie 3.jpg

Saussie Rolls

Spice up your sausage rolls!!

Its a modern day mystery why the beloved Brits don't put sauce on their sausage rolls.  Bloody hell, a sausage roll without sauce is like gin without tonic, bread without butter, Morecombe without Wise.


What's more, any condiment goes well with sausage encased in pastry - be it mustard, pickle, chutney - you name the condiment, it will improve your sausage roll experience.


So, we've dropped a not so subtle hint and put a groove in the top of our Saussie Rolls for you to add your condiment of choice.


Arise Saussie Roll and long may you bring the condiment to the sausage roll! 

smaussie pies.jpg

Smaussie Pies and Rolls
Small pies and sausage rolls

Good things come in small packages, right!!

In Australia they are called party pies and party sausage rolls.  They are a smaller version of your standard pie or bake, for the times when you might not need a whole pie or perhaps you are having a party and want to start with something smaller before moving on to the main event.

At the Aussie Pie Shop, we hand bake all of our products, so we can serve you almost any size of pie and sausage rolls, from standard pies to party sized or even smaller popcorn pies and sausage rolls.  

Party size pies are one third of the size of a standard pie and popcorn pies are half the size of a party pie.

Party size sausage rolls are half the size of a standard sausage roll and popcorn sized rolls are half the size of party size.

smaussie saussie.jpg
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