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Tasty Tucker from Australia

We know, it's the weekend, you're hungry!  And in desperate need of a real Aussie pie.  No problemo.  You can order your pies, sausage rolls, bakes and treats, we'll put them aside for ya, then just pick 'em up from Portobello Green Food Market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  See ya later, alligator.


Welcome to The Aussie Pie Shop

G'day Mate

Crikey!  Who doesn't love an Aussie Pie Shop full of delicious pies, sausage rolls, pasties, cakes, bakes, biscuits and Aussie treats.  Now, finally, the wait is over for all the Desperate Dans in need of an Aussie pie.  Fair dinkum, they've finally arrived, starting out in West London, with plans to expand all over the green and pleasant lands of the UK over the coming months and years. 


Not only that, we have a selection of all your favourite Aussie confectionary including Violet Crumbles, Cherry Ripes, Picnics and Caramello Koalas.  And we've introduced the Spanish treat - Churros - to our range.  We call it Churraussie!

As we say in the sunburnt country, get your laughing gear around our pies, bakes and Aussie treats, by visiting us at the Portobello food market on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Or if you live in West London, check out our online shop, make an order and we will deliver direct to your door.     

Our Story

Once upon a time...

It was another day of Covid lockdown, like any other day of lockdown; mind numbingly frustrating and beyond boring.  An Aussie, now 30 years in London, and a Mankunian, who had spent plenty of time Down Under, started fantasizing about the delicious delights available in an Aussie pie shop.  When would we ever again experience the joy of an Aussie meat pie, with the accompanying sausage roll, vanilla slice and maybe one (or two) for the road.  It was going to be a long road we reckoned, what with the UK closed and Australia zippered up as tight as a duck's arse.  Well, bloody hell, we thought!  If London can't go to the Aussie Pie Shop then The Aussie Pie Shop must come to London.  From such simple thoughts are great dreams made.  It is our simple mission to bring the joys of The Aussie Pie Shop to everyone in the UK.  So, don't be a drongo; avago ya mug and tuck in to our tasty tucker!  


A Passion for Quality Food

It's really simple, we are obsessed with the quality of our food

It's a simple question to ask.  Would you buy and eat your food?  And if the answer to that question is no!, or even maybe?, then why bother with food that is "just OK".  We want each pie, sausage roll, cake, bake and biscuit to be a taste sensation.  Like the first time you tried a lamington or a fruit tingle.  Or the last time you had that BBQ down the beach, with the surf up, the snags on the grill and the VBs going down quicker than a rat up a drain-pipe. 


All of our pies and bakes are designed to be delicious, flavoursome, and as true blue as Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.  And that's true and blue, Blue.  Life is way to short to be eating average pies on an average day in a universe of averageness.  Life should be extra-ordinary.  Like a pie, with a firm bottom layer crust, a flaky pastry top and a soft and luscious filling. 


What's more, we source all our products from quality suppliers and we aspire to be producing as sustainably as possible.  OK, we admit it, we haven't yet made it to the stage of growing everything on the allotment.  But we are trying to do our bit to save the planet, and will continue to do so, until we become the very best food producer we can be. 


So, be kind to each other, be good to mother earth, eat good food, and may the soul of the Aussie digger be with you, wherever you may roam. 

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