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Tamarama Beach

Here it is. Doesn't look like much I know but this is the beach where my mates and I would spend most of the summer. It's Tamarama beach, between its more famous brothers of Bondi and Bronte. We'd lie on the rocks or on the beach, in between swimming and surfing. My show-off mate would catch gummy sharks and put them in the rock pools to scare off the tourists.

There's the surf club on the point, where most of us partied hard and tried it on with the ladies, mostly without success. Just beyond the point, you can see the reef, full of cunjies, a soft reef mussel. That's where I fractured several vertebrae jumping into a rock, as you do.

And you can see the swell coming off the reef and a couple of diehard desperado early morning surfers, looking out wistfully, hoping that the surf will pick up, or else they will probably head around to Bondi or Bronte.

In between the swimming, the surfing, the pathetic chat up lines, the sun and the sand, this is where we ate most of our pies, far too many of them. And then after that we'd munch on Twisties, Tim Tams and Violet Crumble Bars, washed down with Solo. ​

This is what I dream about. This is home.

And this is what I want you to feel and taste when you eat from The Aussie Pie Shop. Great tasting fresh food, imagined amongst the sun, the sand and the surf; framed by an infinitely bright horizon.

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